An Interview with Tim Kinsella

When I find him just getting off the tour bus parked in front of SO36, Tim Kinsella is wearing a blue ‘Rainbo’-bread trucker’s hat, sunglasses, and a leather jacket on a day with weather as unpredictable as the music of his 20-year-old band, Joan of Arc. Their body of work has always included linguistic games, from the studio album Live in Chicago, 1999 (as in … Continue reading An Interview with Tim Kinsella

Patreon Launch

It’s official, I’ve just launched my Patreon page, which allows you to choose from multiple subscription tiers, ranging from $1-$100 to receive different rewards and goodies! If you like what you see on this site, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! For just $1, you can already receive a download of my newest song, ‘Spider!’ COMING SOON: Interviews with directors Sergei Loznitsa & Laura Schroeder   … Continue reading Patreon Launch

Music: ‘new in town’ by ZEN.death

I’ve got 2 new songs, which you can listen to by hitting play below: If you decide you’d like to purchase the tracks, you can do so here. If you’d like to hear them performed LIVE, I’m playing a show May 4th at Hangar49 with Cosmic Boxer and Stereochemistry. Entry is 5€. COMING SOON: Interviews with Sergei Loznitsa (Austerlitz) & Laura Schroeder (Barrage) the launch … Continue reading Music: ‘new in town’ by ZEN.death

Tiny Desk Contest 2017 Submission

Earlier this month I filmed a short, largely improvised take-away show with my dear friend and musical collaborator Felix Rodriguez. The video turned out nicely and today I submitted it as an entry in NPR music’s 2017 Tiny Desk Contest. Although I used his own name in text in the video, he is performing under the moniker Open/Honest. You can watch it here. Or you can … Continue reading Tiny Desk Contest 2017 Submission