Festival Coverage: +MLP+ @ Pop-Kultur

This year marked the third edition of the ‘Pop-Kultur’ arts festival in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, bringing with it a host of local and touring musical acts, as well as artist talks, workshops and film screenings. Unfortunately, the act I was originally most excited to see (Young Fathers) actually dropped out of the festival just hours before it kicked off. The festival had this … Continue reading Festival Coverage: +MLP+ @ Pop-Kultur

Journey to Lithuania: Vilnius Film Festival

Though it’s now been three months since I visited, the Vilnius Film Festival left a greater impression on me as an experience than most of the actual films.  Its director surely won’t be happy to read such an opening, but I’ll admit it as a matter of honest disclosure: thanks to my window of free time matching Barrage’s runtime almost to a T, I slammed … Continue reading Journey to Lithuania: Vilnius Film Festival