An Interview with Tim Kinsella

When I find him just getting off the tour bus parked in front of SO36, Tim Kinsella is wearing a blue ‘Rainbo’-bread trucker’s hat, sunglasses, and a leather jacket on a day with weather as unpredictable as the music of his 20-year-old band, Joan of Arc. Their body of work has always included linguistic games, from the studio album Live in Chicago, 1999 (as in … Continue reading An Interview with Tim Kinsella

Crowdfunding: ‘©’ short film

I’ve written a new short film, and with it comes a new crowdfunding campaign! We’ve put together a fun and entertaining pitch video, which you can watch below. If (as we’re hoping it will) it piques your interest in the project, you can visit the campaign page over at indiegogo and throw in a few bucks! If you like the project but can’t afford a contribution … Continue reading Crowdfunding: ‘©’ short film

Interview w/ Director Sergei Loznitsa (Austerlitz, 2016)

I’m a visiting ‘special guest’ at the Vilnius Film Festival or Kino Pavasaris (Cinema Spring) as it’s known here, and I’m waiting to meet director (and fellow ‘special guest’) Sergei Loznitsa. Despite yesterday evening’s stormy downpour, which still trickled into the early afternoon, the gloom has now mostly lifted and the sun is shining through the hotel café’s mostly-glass annex. Loznitsa appears, somehow slightly taller than … Continue reading Interview w/ Director Sergei Loznitsa (Austerlitz, 2016)

Interview w/ Director Laura Schroeder (Barrage, 2017)

Composed predominantly of stillness with erratic musical outbursts, ‘Barrage’ focuses on a tri-generational rift in feminine identity building, in which each daughter fails to completely understand her own mother. Though ‘actress-of-the-moment’ Isabelle Huppert plays the grand matriarch wielding total control and the final word, her screen time is miniscule against a second act which sees Cathrine and her daughter Alba journey into the woods in … Continue reading Interview w/ Director Laura Schroeder (Barrage, 2017)

Crowdfunding Campaign: Paradise, U.S.A.

As you may or may not already know from my stream-of-spam twitter, two dear friends of mine have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their first feature film. I really believe in these guys and so can you. The project is called Paradise, U.S.A. and they’re trying to raise $20,000, a lofty amount but still considered ‘no-budget’ by the film community at large. It will be … Continue reading Crowdfunding Campaign: Paradise, U.S.A.