Journey to Lithuania: Vilnius Film Festival

Though it’s now been three months since I visited, the Vilnius Film Festival left a greater impression on me as an experience than most of the actual films.  Its director surely won’t be happy to read such an opening, but I’ll admit it as a matter of honest disclosure: thanks to my window of free time matching Barrage’s runtime almost to a T, I slammed … Continue reading Journey to Lithuania: Vilnius Film Festival

Announcement: MLP at Pop-Kultur Fest

Pop-Kultur fest is coming to Berlin, and I’ll be there! The festival features a host of events; from live music and DJ sets to commissioned works, talks, and films. The live acts include a line up of musicians like French indie rockers La Femme, brit hip-hop Mercury Award-winning poppers Young Fathers and U.S. rockers Liars. Those set to spin DJ sets include Alexis Taylor (of … Continue reading Announcement: MLP at Pop-Kultur Fest

TROUT FUN #2: Tobias Burms on ‘Daguerrotype’ (2016, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

In the second installment  of TROUT FUN, an ongoing series of articles by guest writers and fellow critics, Tobias Burms joins us again for his take on last year’s Hitchcockian Japanese ghost mystery obsessed with old-school photography, ‘Daguerrotype’. Also formerly known by the titles ‘Le Secret de la chambre noire’ (‘The Secret of the Dark Room’) and ‘La femme de la plaque argentique’ (‘The Woman in … Continue reading TROUT FUN #2: Tobias Burms on ‘Daguerrotype’ (2016, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

An Interview with Tim Kinsella

When I find him just getting off the tour bus parked in front of SO36, Tim Kinsella is wearing a blue ‘Rainbo’-bread trucker’s hat, sunglasses, and a leather jacket on a day with weather as unpredictable as the music of his 20-year-old band, Joan of Arc. Their body of work has always included linguistic games, from the studio album Live in Chicago, 1999 (as in … Continue reading An Interview with Tim Kinsella

Crowdfunding: ‘©’ short film

I’ve written a new short film, and with it comes a new crowdfunding campaign! We’ve put together a fun and entertaining pitch video, which you can watch below. If (as we’re hoping it will) it piques your interest in the project, you can visit the campaign page over at indiegogo and throw in a few bucks! If you like the project but can’t afford a contribution … Continue reading Crowdfunding: ‘©’ short film