TROUT FUN (by Tobias Burms):

Berlinale 2017:


Film Fest Gent 2016:

  • Locating Empathy – on the documentaries Austerlitz and In Jackson Heights



Notes from the Venice Film Festival 2016:


  • Voyage of Mine – on Terrence Malick’s epic new Koyaanisqatsi-meets-Planet Earth documentary, Voyage of Time


  • Aural Extremes: Sculpting Noise – on sounds in the 4K restoration of Zombi (the European Cut of Dawn of the Dead), Maudite Poutine (Shambles) and Spira Mirabilis

Berlinale 2016 coverage via Photogenie:


Film Fest Gent 2015 Reviews for the Young Critics Workshop via Photogenie:
Son of Saul
El Club

And my final essay:
Dry Fires

Interview with director Pablo Larrain about El Club

The Focus Pull:
Berlinale 2015 Coverage

Articles & general reviews

Harmony Korine retrospective

Hard to Be a God

Bay of Blood

Various interviews I’ve conducted can be found on the INTERVIEWS page 

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